Preserve your memorabilia with our Jersey Framing Special. Perfect for sports jerseys, tee shirts, and other garments, it is completely archival to display and protect. The package is custom sized for your piece, up to 32×40 inches. The garment is blocked with an acid free insert to reduce wrinkles and provide even support, then hand-sewn to the background color. Choose a single-color acid free Antique Mat, offered in a Varity of colors, to match your team colors or decor. Included in the package price is a neutral-colored side wall to lift the glass away from the garment and give you three dimensionality. Conservation glass is used to help prevent discoloration and sun damage. The UV filtering in Conservation glass also prevents signatures, which often represent most of a signed jersey’s value, from fading. This deeply discounted package cost only $400 and is upgradable. Whether you want to add a second mat, a photo, ticket, patch or other item, you can turn this specially priced package into a completely customizable showcase.